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Hybrid cloud deployment

Case background: There was a traditional PBX in the government organization, using a third-party internal instant messaging system. The products were provided by multiple suppliers. Due to product replacement, the supplier's support was not good enough to cause a poor quality communication. User experience was not ideal, and the use frequency was very low, what's more, the instant messaging failed sometimes, which seriously affected the internal communication efficiency. If they replace the existing computer system, the cost was too much. Many technology providers had no substantive solutions after consultation.

Solution: Eaiiso proposed a practical solution based on the sip protocol. The solution set the channels of multiple suppliers in the existing computer system, connected multiple operators together, and integrated the cloud PBX of the Eaiiso. It put a hybrid cloud deployment into the internal organization and combined traditional PBX with cloud PBX to achieve high-definition voice and video communication and instant message, and made customized developments and functions according to the organization need. Eaiiso gave a test demo only in a week to solve the problem which most companies have and made a good consequent.