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Video cloud PBX

Cloud inbound call service

Video, audio IVR navigation

Provide 7*24 hours automatic video, audio response and navigation, and select self-service or agent by key or voice to improve service quality, satisfaction and cost saving. You can also add an IVR script to existing applications.

Enterprise cloud switchboard

Use unified switchboard number as the certain external contact and provide flexible access methods, such as Put existing numbers to support enterprise free lines; Support access to entire SIP lines; Integrate enterprise lines with SIP lines.

Video, audio conference

Hd audio, video conference, low bandwidth, high fidelity. Multiple video collection and display, text collaborative discussion, multimedia file playing, desktop sharing and more functions.

Web management platform

Through the web management platform, the administrator can obtain various statistical reports, support periodic retrieval, and fully assist to know the working status of the agent and the operation of the call center.

Video, audio transfer/

Intelligent Inbound routes, agents can be grouped by skill or post; When no answer, the call will be automatically transferred/transferred to the specified number; The video and audio mailbox services are entered when the agent is busy or no answer.

Video, audio mailbox

Advanced video codec technology and world-class voice recognition technology; Customers can leave voice/video messages in the mailbox; Audio can be converted to text; Diversified communication experience.

Advanced technology

Advanced video cloud PBX technology, complete system function, safe and reliable.

Cost saving

Low initial hardware cost and simple later maintenance make communication cost decrease.

Simple operation

No need for professional IT personnel to operate and maintain.

No geographical restriction

Access to the platform anytime, anywhere via the Internet.

No equipment restrictions

IP Phone, PC, MAC, Android, iOS and other devices can be used.