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SDK Details

function points
Functional Overview
Instant messaging / single chat
Basic functions, like text, picture, video, voice, file, etc., can achieve IM on the enterprise's internal address book.
Group/discussion group

Multiple ways to create group/discussion group with diverse management functions.

Video/voice mail
Clear video/voice message. Support audio transforms into text.
Hd audio and video
Click on the call for HD face-to-face video. High fidelity, low packet loss rate, low broadband occupancy.
Hd audio and video conferencing
It supports multi-channel video collection and display, electronic whiteboard interaction, desktop sharing, text collaborative discussion, browser synchronous browsing, media file playing and other conference functions.
Hd video monitoring
Support SIP protocol platforms and all Android boxes, display HDMI IN in a dual box. Support remote viewing and control of mobile terminals.
AI intelligent identification
Analyze and study video data. Provide vehicles, face recognition and other application functions
Video call center
The Web interface initiates the call directly without any plug-in, simple and convenient.